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Digital Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

Immersive Data-Interaction

The studio will address immersive data-interaction technologies as means of recording, representing, translating, and communicating the phenomena in urban and landscape design processes.

The course goes beyond classic representation methods based on physical models made from cardboard or clay and well-established digital techniques framed by 2D GIS and 3D CAD. Accordingly, the aim of the course is to explore a combination of physical and immersive tools and methods to define new strategies for data-informed design speculations.

During the studio we will explore data handling through the help of the visual scripting language Grasshopper, design will be translated through the help of the robotic arm and articulated as physical sand model, the integration off AI will be explored to expand the understanding of data-design interaction.

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Spring 2021

Teaching Team

Aalto University: Prof. Pia Fricker, Kane Borg, Tina Cerpnjak

University of Copenhagen: Prof. Hans Skov-Petersen, Mariusz Hermansdorfer

Review Guest: Philip Belesky (RMIT)


Kaie Kuldkepp, Ahti Launis, Riikka Lauri, Huixu Li, Loviisa Luoma, Eetu Mykkänen, Teo Rinne, Marek Kratochvíl, Hanna-Kaisa Koskinen, Miisa-Maari Ulmanen, Emilia Lemmetti, Eetu Mykkänen, Antti Rantamäki, Yanxia Qiu, Shenyu Sun, Laura Tuorila, Huijia Zhuang