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Generative Approaches to Digital Terrain Modelling

April 15, 2022
The aim of the research is to design landscapes which are livable, resilient, and diverse by cost-effective means. This could be achieved through a novel approach to digital terrain modelling, which can free up time for creativity and help make informed decisions throughout the design process.

Currently, due to budget constraints and labor-intensive nature of existing workflows, only a few design options tend to get analyzed. In the proposed method, an algorithm automatically generates a multitude of solutions based on pre-defined parameters and evaluates these against a set of relevant criteria. Given the initial goals and additional models representing existing environment, the best performing proposal can be identified and selected for further refinement and, eventually, construction.
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Mariusz Hermansdorfer

Thesis Supervisor

Hans Skov-Petersen (University of Copenhagen), Pia Fricker (Aalto University)

Thesis Advisor(s)

Jakob Strømann-Andersen (Henning Larsen Architects)

Start Year

2019 -


Terrain modelling, generative design, algorithmic optimization