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‘Virtual Reality, Videogames, Architecture and Education. From Utopian Drawings to Inconstructible Navigable Environments’

April 12, 2022

The doctoral research concerns the design and experience of navigable environments that are specific to the virtual realm; impossible to come across in the physical world, experienceable only through technological mediation. The project studies navigable media through the discourses surrounding VR in its first appearance during the 1990s, and through the evolution of interactive spatiality in the context of videogames. Furthermore, it pursues a design investigation of non-Euclidean navigable configurations through experimental game design, both as means to expand the ‘design space’ of spatiotemporal media, which largely rely on Euclidean-Cartesian premises and to produce interactive experiences for exploring latent aesthetic as well as sensory and cognitive capacities.

List of publications:

‘Spatiotemporal Navigable Experience: An Integrative Study’

Author: Miltiadis, Constantinos
in Dimensions (Transcript Journal)

‘Spacetime-Craft: An Archaeology of Visions and Explorations of Spatial Experience’

Author: Miltiadis, Constantinos
in Bildhafte Räume / Pictorial Spaces, edited by Kassandra Nakas and Philipp Reinfeld

‘Beyond the Visual - A Research Curriculum for Explorations in Spatiotemporal Environments’

Authors: Wilhelm Fink. Miltiadis, Constantinos, and Gerriet K. Sharma
in Journal for Artistic Research, no. 24 (27 September 2021)

‘Oblivious to Gravity: Virtual Architecture between Disciplinary Dead Ends and Complex Intersections’

Author: Miltiadis, Constantinos
in Archidoct, Variability, 8, no. 1 (2020): 24–37.

‘The Architectural Continuum: Choropoietic Media and Post-Physical-World Environments’

Author: Miltiadis, Constantinos
in Architectonics of Game Spaces. The Spatial Logic of the Virtual and Its Meaning for the Real, edited by Andri Gerber and Ulrich Götz, 183–99. Bielefeld, Germany: Transcript, 2019.

‘Hybrid Heritagescapes as Urban Commons in Mediterranean Cities: Accessing the Deep-Rooted Spatial Interfaces of Cities’

Author: oulos, Georgios, Constantinos Miltiadis, and Francesco Bagni
in Neighbourhood & City -Analogue and Digital Perspectives, edited by Marluci Menezes and Carlos Smaniotto Costa, 81–96. Lisbon: Edições Lusófona, 2018.

‘Virtual Reality, Videogames, Architecture and Education. From Utopian Drawings to Inconstructible Navigable Environments’

Author: Miltiadis, Constantinos
in Computing for a Better Tomorrow - Proceedings of the 36th ECAADe Conference, edited by A Kepczynska-Walczak and S Bialkowski, 2:815–24. Lodz, Poland: Lodz University of Technology, 2018.

‘Project Anywhere: An Interface for Virtual Architecture’

Author: Miltiadis, Constantinos
in International Journal of Architectural Computing 14, no. 4 (7 October 2016): 386–97.

‘Virtual Architecture in a Real-Time, Interactive, Augmented Reality Environment - Project Anywhere and the Potential of Architecture in the Age of the Virtual’

Author: Miltiadis, Constantinos
in Real Time, edited by Bob Martens, Gabriel Wurzer, T Grasl, WE Lorenz, and R Schaffranek, 1:61–68. Vienna: Vienna University of Technology, 2015.

‘From the Univocal to the Dissipative. Computation and Performance Methodology in Real-Time Architecture’

Author: Miltiadis, Constantinos
in Computation and Performance, 1:517–25. Delft: Delft University of Technology, 2013.

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Constantinos Miltiades

Thesis Supervisor

Pia Fricker (Dept. of Architecture) and Virpi Roto (Dept. of Design)

Thesis Advisor(s)

Toni Kotnik (Dept. of Architecture)

Start Year

2019 -


architecture, navigable media, non-Euclidean navigation, videogames, virtual reality, game studies, game design, history of computation.