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Kane Borg

Researcher / Doctoral Candidate
Kane Borg studied engineering and architecture at the University of Malta. He graduated with First Class Honours in 2013 and obtained a warrant of Perit in 2014. From 2013 till 2016 he practiced as an Architect and Civil Engineer with architectural offices in Malta, working on industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. During this time, he co-founded and was the technical director of fablab Valletta. Since 2015 he worked as a freelance computational design developer and consultant for varied architectural and engineering firms in both Finland and Malta. In 2018 he started a Ph.D. on the structures of design knowledge. Since 2018 he is a lecturer for Digital Fabrication and a teaching assistant for Design of Structures studios at Aalto. His research interests include design thinking, computational design, and digital manufacturing. In 2020 he founded Kane Borg Oy, a company engaged in computational design consultancy, software, and product development.

Research area

Data-driven Design in the Realm of Mixed Reality, Experience Research in Spatial Immersive Data Interaction in VR (collaboration with neuroscience), Data Simulation as Design Tool.


Computational Methodologies in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism